Our Story

PattyI lost my beautiful, funny and loving mom to ovarian cancer thirteen years ago. She was diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer at the age of 40. When we received the diagnoses we had no insurance or money. If it wasn’t for the generosity of our loved ones who donated money, held fundraising garage sales and the amazing Doctor’s who donated their services, she would have gone without treatment and passed away within months.

On September 2, 2001 after many rounds of chemotherapy, surgeries, radiation and the onsets of bowel obstructions, my mom lost her courageous battle at the age of 44. I was 24 yrs old and my brother was 16. The most heart-wrenching thing we’ve ever had to go through.

I knew that something would HAVE to come out of this tragedy. After years of praying and having the desire to start a non-profit, it finally happened! Patty’s House (after my mom)– “A place where healing begins.” The mission of Patty’s House is to serve low-income women who are fighting gynecologic cancers. To provide a place for healing after or during treatment and to assist with financials pertaining to medical needs.

There are no words to describe how I feel about this vision becoming a reality. It is my hope is to help as many women as possible and eventually, have a Patty’s House in another country. This WILL happen. We WILL help many women.

familyTo the husbands, sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, best friends, mothers and fathers who have lost your loved one to this disease, I am truly sorry. This mission is also for you and the one you loss. I hope you will join us on this exciting and fulfilling journey as we cannot do it without your support.


Jaime F. Nappi